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Interior Design and Fashion have one thing in common—the two are dynamic! Welcome to the home of dynamic Interior Design and Fashion trends. Here you will find easy-to-follow tips and guidelines to keep your interiors vibrant and your fashion sense on point. Keeping up with the ‘Bold and Beautiful’ in interior design and fashion can be overwhelming, thanks to the—one million and counting— celebrities and real estate marketing sites. Well, you need to look no further for a place to find guides that are short and concise.

Trendy Colour Combos Fashion for the Hype and Modern

Trendy fashion statements in 2018 include perfect colour combos. If you want to get the best colour combos, make sure that you contrast the colours effectively. For instance, ‘light-coloured top + dark-coloured bottom + light-coloured shoes’ form a perfect combo. Also, remember that you can use colour combos to make a fashion statement. For instance, a red and black colour combo makes a bold statement. On the other hand, if you want something laid-back and casual, then pastel colours such as pale lavender and baby blue are a perfect choice.

Accent Colours: Bring Back Life to Your Indoors

Getting creative with colours has become the in-thing that seems to interest most, if not all. Using colours creatively is indeed one signature statement in interior design. You can use accent colours for the interiors, which is a sure way to bring life into an old or boring room. You can use an accent colour either on one item or in several different places. For instance, if you have a spacious room, then it’s all right to use the accent colour on several items.