Key Aspects of the French Culture

France is known for its classy and sophisticated culture. The French believe in equality, and this is actually part of their national motto. Their culture is highly nationalistic- they will even get offended at the smallest hint that you are putting their heritage down. They also have a very open-minded attitude on many social issues. Here are some key aspects of the French lifestyle:

1. Roulette and High-Class Gambling

Roulette is one of the top casino games in France. In fact, the name of the game was derived from the French word meaning ‘little wheel’. Since the 17th century, roulette has been played in France, although it was not very popular at the time. This is only because gambling was still largely illegal in the area. In present-day France, gambling is an activity of the rich and upper middle class, and they mostly do it for fun. Other people visit flashy casinos to try their luck at winning millions.

2. Sex and Marriage

As noted earlier, the French have an open attitude on many social issues. Sex outside marriage is not seen as a wrong thing, and many people even get children outside marriage. In fact, many top politicians and business people have been known to openly engage in extra-marital affairs. In addition to the traditional marriage, French people can be involved in a PAC relationship. This gives the couple benefits of marriage, but it can be terminated with a notice or by finding another spouse.

3. Cuisine

The French socialise a lot around the dinner table. Their dinners are always served with wine, and they tend to spend long periods of time enjoying their meals. Modern French foods are made with a focus on light fares. Paris is the world’s top destination for fashion and sophistication. The French lifestyle is interesting, to say the least. They have a huge liking for gambling- they even gave roulette its name. They also have excellent foods and wines.