Decorate Your Own Poker Room at Home

Bringing poker to your home environment calls for a few design ideas to bring the card games theme to your living room or whatever room that best suits your taste. Its reputation as an internet card game today does not stop the creativity that comes in decorating our homes to look and feel like a “Cassino Hold ’em Poker” back room. The whole idea behind decorating a room at home for poker is to achieve a more enjoyable experience, just like that found in a cassino. If your room is to look like a cassino’s back room, wall decor is a good place to start. With the correct use of wall art, a little creativity would go a long way in creating the black room theme for a game of poker with family and friends. Some wall art of and posters with the poker theme written all over them are a simple way to transform a room into a cassino black room. Hanging framed copies of poker rules on the walls would be helpful not only as décor but for use in teaching guests that are less experienced as well as for reference during the game. A well detailed set of rules to print out can be found on online. Wall décor is a vital part of setting the right atmosphere for poker at home. Choice of décor depends on how far you’re willing to go as a poker player. You will also need to pick a table. You may opt for a collapsible-top table which is either circular, hexagonal or oval shaped. Such a shape is suggested to create an evenness in the distance between each game participant to the other. It does not necessarily need to be a professional poker table, as long as its height and size are appropriate. A collapsible surface is ideal for an event in which the table is to be used for other purposes when you’re not playing poker. Bearing in mind that poker is played sitting down and a single game can last for an hour or so, it’s better to go for more comfortable seats. On Houzz, you can find design ideas and inspiration on some of the best state of the art poker home design.